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AIAS is one of the few Institute’s outside India that offers a comprehensive study programme in the ancient health science of Ayurveda, based on its traditional principles and philosophy.

Despite the number of Ayurvedic qualifications available for study around the world, there is a huge difference in the level of knowledge and skills that are taught. However, because the courses offered by AIAS are based on traditional teaching methods, we believe we offer the most in depth training in this ancient science outside India.

The Institute firmly believes that Ayurvedic principles and philosophy can only be learnt when the student has the opportunity to experience them practically in their own life before sharing them with others. This is the focus of our delivery.

The Institute is also one of the few colleges that has a qualified Ayurvedic Doctor as its senior lecturer. Dr. S. Ajit (BAMS, PCAS) has almost 40 years of clinical experience, making him one of the most experienced Ayurvedic practitioners outside India, experience he brings to his teaching.

The Institute has designed a number of flexible and in depth training courses in Ayurveda which gives students the ability to choose the most convenient lecture delivery method and the flexibility to set aside their own weekly study time. The Institute is a leader in the field of flexible course delivery, making it the first choice for those students interested in tertiary study in this complementary health science from anywhere in the world

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Dr. S. Ajit (BAMS, PCAS) Director

Learning is a life long journey but the Institute recognises that many people struggle to balance their personal and professional lives so have difficulty committing to full time study.

In responding to this need, the Institute has become a leader in the field of online course delivery, making it the first choice for those students interested in the study in Ayurveda, the complementary health science of India.

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